Anja Jazeschann

Actress, voice artist, trainer

Welcome to my website.

I am an actress, voice artist and voice coach.
For me, everything started on stage: it’s where I have my roots, and it’s where I feel at home.
Voice work is, of course, inseparably linked to acting. Throughout my career, my passion for voice work has grown to the extent that I now not only appear on stage but also work as a professional voice artist – for example, for the German national radio broadcaster Deutschlandfunk.
In my training courses on voice, presence and speaking, I work with my clients to rehearse the skills they need to ‘perform’ successfully.
You can find out more about me and my work on the website.
I hope you enjoy reading, watching and listening to my work.

Best wishes, Anja Jazeschann

Musik von Wolfgang Proppe.

My motivation

Curiosity and openness: I like challenging myself and exploring new territory. Because every step in a new direction has the potential to become a good story. Every person has countless moving stories within them. It takes a lot of courage to tell these stories, but having that courage always leads to a sense of freedom.

As an actress…

every project I do allows me to open up a new world and the people in it. I immerse myself in the unfamiliar and unknown, similar to how a child would do, and always discover something new. By the end, it always becomes something close to me, and a part of me. A particularly rewarding aspect is that I never make this journey alone, but always as part of a team, and can then share it with the audience.

As a voice artist…

I navigate my way through worlds of words and discover new contexts. Truly understanding texts is, after all, the basic prerequisite for bringing words to life. Even a dry technical text can be delivered in an interesting way with the right approach. And finally, the voice, used correctly, can unleash an incredible emotional power that always fascinates me.

As a trainer…

I meet people who want to improve and develop their speaking skills. In our sessions, we go on a journey together. We look at where obstacles are stopping you achieving your goals and identify how we can remove them. Core topics that I cover are presence, body language, vocal expression and speaking skills – all key attributes needed by actors and voice artists. And my training goes beyond theoretical insights – it builds a lot of enjoyment, play and fun into the creative process.

So – please get in touch!