The journey started here:

“On my witch’s broom,
in lightning and thunder,
dashing around the world,
yes, yes, that’s the thing for me!”

Anja, age 7, on-stage at Carl Friedrich Gauss Primary School, Dransfeld

Personal details

Born 1974
Height 160 cm
Figure athletic – slim – feminine
Eye colour blue
Hair colour blonde
Voice age range young to middle-aged
Voice tone warm, soft but powerful
Singing musical, chanson, pop, traditional white-voice singing
Vocal range mezzo-soprano
Languages English (excellent, British accent) & French (good)
Skills microphone voice work, on-stage simulated combat, air rifle shooting, yoga, Pilates, swimming, fitness

And this is how it continued


Eine Stadt klagt sich an! (A City Indicts Itself!), research project, Futur 3 theatre company, Cologne, Germany

Heimat 4.0 (Homeland 4.0), directed by: Jörg Fürst, Volxbühne, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Atonal Theater, Cologne

2016- 2017
ungefähr gleich (About Equal), directed by: PiaMaria Gehle, Freies Werkstatt Theater, Cologne

Muttersprache Mameloschn (Mameloschn Mother Tongue), directed by: Kay Link, Freies Werkstatt Theater, Cologne
Die Stadt der Schildkröten (The City of the Turtles), directed by: Andre Erlen, Sommerblut Festival Cologne

2013 – 2015
SHHHHHHOW, directed by: Andre Teodosio, Sommerblut Festival Cologne

2012 – 2014
An der Arche um acht (By the Ark at Eight!) directed by: Gertrud Pigor, Comedia Theater, Cologne
Jedermann (Everyman), directed by: Stefan Krause, Theater Tiefrot & Neues Schauspiel Köln

Petersberg I, directed by: Stefan H. Kraft & Andre Erlen, Futur3
Equus, directed by: Johann Wild, Theater am Schlachthof, Neuss

2009 – 2013
The 39 Steps, directed by: Daniel Fischer, Stratmanns Theater, Essen

Eine Odyssee (An Odyssey), directed by: Frank Hörner, Comedia Theater, Cologne

Film and Television
(selection of work)

Sprecherkulturen, directed by: Danielle Cohn, GIZ GmbH (German federal public benefit organisation) Bonn

Corporate videos, directed by: Raphaela Dell,
Face to Face GmbH, Cologne
Tief Sabine, directed by: Andre Nagel, Nahtodkino; role played: Miriam

Medimax corporate videos, directed by: Dino Fetzer,
A2T2 Filmproduktion

Maddin in Love, directed by: Michael Karen, Sat 1
Fremder Puls, directed by: Daniel Schuler, short film at FH Darmstadt

Reuffel cinema commercial, directed by: Daniel Jansen, Jansen-Filmproduktion

Auslese, directed by: Thorsten Wenning, short film, SAE Köln

Plötzlich berühmt (Famous overnight), directed by: Oliver Schmitz, Pro7
BMW corporate video, directed by: Peter Spielmann, ConneTV

100 Sekunden (100 Seconds), short film, directed by: Daniel Migge/ Christopher von Bronsart, FH für Design


Other trailers

Press reviews

“The personal angle provides the most memorable moments. Anja Jazeschann relates the story of her Ukrainian-born father, who came to Germany as a 19-year-old in 1942, not entirely of his own will – and ended up staying. Anja tells the story vividly and full of emotion (…)”.

NRZ review of Heimat 4.0 at Volxbühne Mülheim/ Ruhr

“Pia Maria Gehle’s production revolves around the performance of four excellent actors. (…) including Anja Jazeschann (Freja), each actor playing one main role while also making wonderful appearances in other guises in the scenes centred on the other characters (…)”

kultura extra review of “ungefähr gleich” at FWT Cologne

“Family ties and staking out an individual life (…) are at odds with each other. Affection and resistance conflict with one another. (…) Kay Link lets his superb actresses act absolutely true-to-type, yet only Clara (…) seems to be on the young side, more of a sister to Rahel than a mother. But initial slight puzzlement soon fades, especially as Anja Jazeschann gives her role an intensity and coherence (…)”.

theater.pur review of “Mameloschn Mother Tongue” at the FWT Cologne

“But everything then gets reconciled through the spirited performances of the actors, especially (…) and Anja Jazeschann as Athena.”

Choices magazine review of “An Odyssey” at the Comedia Theater, Cologne

“Anja Jazeschann plays a delightfully quirky guardian of the heavenly garden (…)”

Kölner Stadtanzeiger on “Das Geheimnis der Blätter” (“The Secret of the Leaves”) at the Comedia Theater, Cologne

“The director and cast give full vent to their rage, with Anja Jazeschann as Evchen regularly spouting sarcastic broadsides about Cologne as a bastion of culture. She does this wonderfully well.” (..)

Kölner Stadtanzeiger on “Innenleben” by Inteata theatre group, Cologne

“Anja Jazeschann as the main character, Pippi, captivates the audience with her effervescent, carefree, sassy performance (…) Children and adults alike delighted in this Pippi Longstocking.”

Wolfsburger Nachrichten on “Pippi Longstocking”, Cocomico Cologne

Anja Jazeschann in action