Individual voice, speaking presence and presentation skills training for strong and coherent speaking performance

Are you looking to acquire a more confident voice?

Do you want to be effectively persuasive when talking to people, and make lasting improvements to your communication style?

Then practice with me the skills you need to be a strong speaker – in both your private and professional life.

As an actress and professional voice artist, I know that the right training can help anyone develop their voice to the full. Together we will use creative and play-related methods to discover your individual voice and form of expression, and boost your self-confidence as a voice artist.

I will take you from where your voice is right now and guide you to where you want to be.

My clients are people required to talk a lot: interpreters, teachers, mediators, managers, voice artists, speakers, salespeople, politicians, lawyers, as well as people simply interested in their voice and speaking.

What I offer

As an expert in verbal communication, I work with you on the full range of your speaking skills: from breathing, to goal-oriented communication, to your presence when speaking.
You can book me for:

  • In-company training courses, workshops, training programmes & seminars on the topics of voice, voice work, speaking, presence & presentation skills

  • 1-to-1 coaching, in house and at external venues

  • Talks on the topics of body & voice

  • One-day seminars on storytelling in presentations

  • Workshops aimed specifically at women wanting to strengthen their power of expression and potential.

I am also happy to work with you specifically on pitches, short presentations & talks or speeches.

Training courses & seminars tailored to your needs. Real-world experience for real-world use.

4 ways to great speaking skills

1. Make yourself heard

A full vocal sound makes others enjoy listening to you – and take you seriously. With exercises from classical voice training, we develop your vocal potential. We work on hitting the right note and inspiring your listeners. The basis of all speaking is: breathing.

2. Create a presence

When giving a speech or talking in front of others at a meeting, your presence determines how you come across. Based around the concept of status, used in the field of acting, we work with you to sharpen your awareness of your respective role and body language. This lets you learn to understand the impact you have, to manage your demeanour and to make the most of your presence.

3. Express yourself clearly

We’ve all experienced it: stage fright before an important performance, and your voice is shaking. It doesn’t have to be like that! Together we practise talking without notes, we work with images and associative chains and we draw on techniques used by the great orators of antiquity – all enabling you to speak confidently with a strong, stable voice.

4. Stay flexible

In improvisational theatre, team spirit and flexibility are vital to being able to react quickly to different situations. A flexible approach is also important in presentations. We simulate such situations and, in doing so, train your improvisation skills.


In my workshops and seminars, I always stress that there is no right or wrong – there is just your own, personal way or approach. Because each individual person is unique – also in their personal demeanour. This insight forms the basis for dealing with other people in an appreciative way. In my seminars, the main focus is on opening up to new experiences in a protected environment. You can try things out, challenge your boundaries, and create a positive rapport with the person you are dealing with.

I incorporate the following into my work

  • Elements from the Loschky-Methode®

  • Exercises from voice and speech therapy on breathing and articulation

  • Status work according to Keith Johnstone to develop body language awareness

  • Presence training: your in-person presence and virtual presence

  • Improvisation & role-play

  • Feedback on the impact you have on your audience: training your self-awareness, plus your awareness of how others perceive you
    (Johari Window communication model for personality development)

  • Storytelling as a narrative technique – adding a personal dimension to presentations

  • Audio and video analysis

Feedback from my training courses (quotes from participants)

“Anja guided me onto new ways of gradually working through texts mentally and emotionally, and then intelligently giving them a sound of their own using my voice. Covering key areas such as breathing techniques, text structuring and voice modulation, the training I had with Anja took a very holistic and personal approach to the spoken word, and this really spurred me on to engage individually and actively with language and communication.”

“The sessions, held in a relaxed atmosphere allowing you to breathe and have fun, proved very instructive. I took a lot of inspirational thoughts and insights away with me.
In terms of my personal development, it was important and very valuable in looking at questions like “How am I perceived? How do I get my message across to whoever I’m talking to?”

“It was a great workshop. It allowed me to directly experience the interplay between voice, sound and body. Anja’s pleasant manner and humour makes you feel comfortable and willing to buy into the improvisation exercises and more playful methods, and to have fun doing so. I learned a lot here – especially new vocal and breathing techniques.”

“Very in tune with her participants. We all got the attention we needed in all areas, and it was never boring. I felt (Anja) knew what I needed and that I was in good hands. I wasn’t afraid or ashamed to try things out and step out of my comfort zone.”

“Anja no doubt has a well-defined approach, but I never had the feeling that she was just going through the motions with us, as is unfortunately the case with a lot of training.
Her knowledge spanning various different fields enables Anja to find the right mix to get people interested, motivated and out of their shell and comfort zone.”

“Anja Jazeschann has the ability to give you her full attention, as well as providing constructive critique to each individual participant, even in a 10-person course.
This was what I experienced on her Basic Voice Intensive Training course. She was able to take all the participants from whatever level of knowledge they had and help them develop.
Her friendly manner created a good atmosphere, making everyone feel at ease taking part in the various exercises.
I can highly recommend a course with Anja Jazeschann.” (BIK Sprecher Akademie)


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